For over 30 years FB Balzanelli automatic and semi-automatic coilers have represented a synonym for technology and quality. Today FB Balzanelli, with its new automatic solutions for packaging pipes, not to mention its automatic palletizing systems (which can serve more than one line), is always popular with pipe manufacturers.

In all these years, FB Balzanelli has never lost sight of its mission:
Technology, Innovation and Quality for Customer Care Avant-garde and continually evolving technology for better payback on investment.
Constant innovation to offer the perfect technical solution to meet each and every specific pipe coiling, packaging and palletizing need
Quality of all its products, perfected and guaranteed down to the last detail.
Customer care to guarantee correct and reliable operation of its systems.

FB Balzanelli is a modern and dynamic group in continuous growth with a high level of know-how capable of following its customers throughout the entire production project, offering them the most suitable solutions for coiling and packaging any type of flexible pipe.

Technology, Innovation and Quality for Customer Care

Lunardon Srl is market leader in winding machines for small and large diameter tubes for use in the medical, automotive, hydraulics, construction and telecommunications industries, also water and gas pipelines and irrigation.

In the past few years, lines for the insulation and coating of tubes have been added to the product range.
The entire production process is carried out within the firm, with the solid guarantee of "Made in Italy".

The company can modify its machinery to adapt it to specific requirements, as well as building specialised machines to suit clients' criteria and the materials to be wound. This flexibility and ability to adapt to individual needs are the key to Lunardon's success among its international clientele. Lunardon also dedicates substantial resources to market research and planning, identifying new solutions for new production requirements.

Time tested quality
Located in Bergamo, in the heartland of the Lombardy region (Italy), Tecnomatic offers machines and turn-key projects for the plastic pipe industry. Since 1977 a continuously evolving company able to grow in line with the market changes and to consolidate its name in the main worldwide market of technology manufacturing. Identifying the customer needs, analysing the feasibility of the project, defining the sale offer and verifying the production costs are the starting point. Passion, technology and employees' qualities the means to conceive the ideal solutions with an appropriate balance between design, innovation and production needs.

UNICOR developments are not in the realm of the impossible! UNICOR is well known to be its time and markets some steps ahead. Patents for the UNICOR Shuttle-Technology e.g. were applied for as early as 1986. Up to now about 50 UNICOR large-sized corrugators have been sold with this technology - all over the world!
This is exactly UNICOR´s strength!
Our innovative technologies make our machines most suitable for the international markets that in turn put higher and higher demands on new corrugators. In this way, UNICOR assures top quality, based on long-time experience and the essential long-term advance in knowledge.
UNICOR customers receive machinery solutions tailored to their needs - combined with longevity and our well-known, substantial technical service. Therefore we assure what our customers expect:
Warranty for economic success.
We can make the impossible possible!

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